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Help us look at impacts on released pets

Our research is contributing to finding ways to prevent pet releases and provide rehoming options.

Hi, I'm Suzie Simpson. I have always loved doing research, trying to figure out the mysteries of the natural world. This project was one I put together in 2018 over a coffee with a turtle mad friend so it was not a fully funded PhD that had been put together by a university. I am a pretty determined person and after getting very sick in April 2020 with the after effects of Long Covid, I wasn't going to let it defeat me so signed up for my PhD in September 2020. I'm a mum and a wife. I'm also a lecturer teaching amazing students at Hadlow College in Kent. This means I am super busy and I make sure that I can do all of this whilst following my passion for this project. I work closely with the National Centre for Reptile Welfare and want to find options and ways to help people to find a new forever home for their pet. My work aims to contribute to the prevention of pet terrapin releases, their welfare and impacts on native wildlife. Often releasing can have an unknowing outcome and the animals can die as a result. If you are able to assist by donating funds to my research, you would be taking part in the bigger picture.

Thank you so much for your support!


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