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Removal and Rehoming

We're now able to provide a removal and rehoming service for organisations or individuals.

Due to our unique expertise in released pet terrapins we're now able to offer removal and rehoming on a case-by-case basis. Please do get in touch with an enquiry. Due to the varied locations needing assistance we have implemented a core plan for those that need removal services.

Charges are as follows:

- Petrol/travel costs (to and from sites)

- Daily service fee (£160) includes rehoming charge provided to the National Centre for Reptile Welfare (NCRW) charity.

- Accommodation costs, if the location is not within the South East of England.

Often, removals may take 1-2 days using traps and/or netting. We carry out an initial site assessment and then arrange a plan with the client. We are equipped with the appropriate humane trapping equipment (unique to this kind of removal) and bring over 20 years of expertise and experience required to remove these particular animals, provide initial health assessments and travel securely to our rehoming facility in Kent. 

Funds also contribute to the citizen science research we are continuing on a long term basis.

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