Arc Trust and ARG UK Herpetofauna Workers Meeting 2021

9th February 2021

What an amazing online event with some fantastic speakers on various topics. They covered climatic changes affecting species populations to pond creation and newt mitigation. A wonderful opportunity for us to showcase our research in the poster room. Thank you for giving Turtle Tally the opportunity to do so.

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Support from Vetark

8th February 2021

The more people we talk to, the more support we receive and we are thrilled that Vetark are wanting to support the project. They are providing products to our National Centre for Reptile Welfare for the animals brought in for rehoming. They are also providing assistance with publicising the project through online lectures and event. Thank you Vetark for your support is really appreciated!

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Reaching the angling community...

Fishing Licence Newsletter

16th January 2021

We're excited to have an article going out in the Spring in the Fishing Licence Newsletter to publicise the survey to anglers. We are looking at terrapin presence in fishing lakes in collaboration with the Angling Trust.


ARG UK Online Seminars: Invasive Non-native Species in the UK

26th November 2021

A great evening on the panel regarding invasive non-native species in the UK. We were invited to talk by ARG UK on the topic of released pet terrapins in the UK and the aims of our project relating to this. An excellent panel of experts joined and we were able to showcase the importance of the National Centre for Reptile Welfare in aiding the rehoming of reptile and amphibian species, be them through passed ownerships or released animals brought to the centre. We work closely with the centre collecting data and the further collaboration with more groups and societies will aid in the progression towards solutions and answers on this topic.