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Fun Kids Activities

Education is key!

It is really important to educate kids on the environment and nature. The more we are excited about it, the more they get excited and we see higher engagement with topics. The project aims to help educate and highlight the importance of protecting and conserving species alongside animal welfare. When doing these activities, it is a great opportunity to talk about how we mustn't release pets into the countryside and instead look after them well at home. We hope you enjoy!


Help our turtle get home through the maze!

Tally Word Search for Kids

Learn about words used in our project and try to find them in this fun word search.

Tally Word Search for Teens

A word search with harder terms for teenagers to learn about.

Tally Crossword for Teens

See if you can work out what the words are in our crossword.

Tally Crossword for Teens


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