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2021 Research Update

2021 proved to be an incredible year for sightings. We had a 500% rise and this is in part due to our visibility increasing. We saw the website being launched and our social media platforms growing with regular updates. Please do check them out for more weekly updates and photos and please share, share, share!

We saw an increase to 208 sightings in addition to 12 Angler sightings. We also released a survey to better understand whether the public would want to rehome a terrapin. This will aid us in understanding whether rehoming IAS listed species is a consideration if the problem becomes too big. End of June 2022, we had already received 200 sightings with a couple of months to go before they start to disappear again.

Project Updates

If you are interested in what we are finding out with our research, you've come to the right place. We will provide an insight into the data we are collecting as part of the project.

2019 Results

November 2019

The tally was developed in 2018 and launched in 2019. We had 14 sightings from various parts of the UK and was a successful first year considering visibility of the project.

NCRW stats

January 2020

It is important for us to work with the NCRW to monitor the numbers of terrapins brought to the centre each year. This allows us to understand the reasons for pets being brought into the centre and the potential reasons why terrapins may be released into UK waterbodies.

Tally Results 2020

November 2020

We have increased on the numbers of submissions this year even with government restrictions in place due to Covid-19. Further visibility this year has contributed to this figure. We have also been grateful for the data submissions from ARG UK and ARC Trust record pool.

Research Poster Image 2019-2020

January 2021

It is important analyse the data at the end of the year and see what kind of information we are gathering. We continue to have historical records provided in addition to collaborating groups providing further data too. Here is an informative poster on the last two years of the Tally.

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